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A Spunky Nun makes her debut as heroine in her own right

Updated: May 27, 2020

The second novel in Ida's two-book series, The Nun's Betrothal, will be published by She Writes Press in July 2020. This exciting sequel to Song of Isabel follows the adventures of Gilda and Justin, sister and brother respectively of Isabel and Chetwynd of the first novel, as they try to resolve a tangled case assigned to them by King Louis: a powerful lord has requested an annulment of his recent marriage, while his young wife fears for her life. Jane Ann Krentz has said of this novel, "Set in ninth century France, this novel has a lot of fascinating information about the marriage laws and customs of the time. The repartee between the hero and heroine is so much fun. If you enjoyed Ida Curtis's SONG OF ISABEL, you'll love this one. It's the sister's story" (from Jayne's Facebook page).

Others have said: “This endearing love story is ideal for historical romance fans looking for a break from Regency era lords and ladies.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“It is refreshing to see a tale achieve such titillating, erotic heights without resorting to a more unabashed, not to say lurid, style, a sign of the author’s novelistic subtlety…..An engaging love story, historically captivating and romantically gripping.” Kirkus Review

Sadly, Ida passed away in January 2020 before her book reached publication. You can read her obituary HERE.

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