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Song of Isabel

The novel, published by She Writes Press in April 2018, is the story of Isabel, daughter of a wealthy landowner in southern France. She is twelve years of age and expected to marry a Count old enough to be her grandfather. Roaming the fields with her friend Emma, she is injured and barely escapes being ravished by a group of soldiers. Rescued by another soldier, Isabel uses the resulting scar on her forehead to escape marriage, first to the Count, then to other suitors through the years. At twenty years of age Isabel’s frustrated father is threatening to send her to the nunnery.


Lord Chetwynd, the young soldier who rescued Isabel, has become a successful warrior and leader of his own army in the service of King Louis. When he and Isabel meet again, Chetwynd has lost favor at court because of his involvement with Queen Judith, King Louis’s young wife. Isabel and Chetwynd agree to a marriage of convenience, she to escape the nunnery and he to free himself from his entanglement with Queen Judith.


Since King Louis is an old man, mostly interested in religious retreats, there is fierce infighting among potential successors to the throne. Isabel and Chetwynd’s commitment to each other becomes stronger as they battle their way free from the conflicts at court.





The background image for this page and those following is "Pont-de-gard-clerisseau-1804," an engraving by Charles-Louis Clérisseau - Antiquités de la France, pub. 1804. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.